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everyone agrees about the riots

An aggregated web zine about the London riots, in context

Two years ago we said, 'Everyone agrees. Things are about to gradually deteriorate.' We should have added that this gradual deterioration will inevitably be punctuated by moments where the frustrations felt by a sizeable portion of the population will explode…

To provide some context into what is going on, we have collected some of the better texts, video, and sites that have emerged on the recent London riots, together with some historical texts on riots past and on the conditions that produced them. It will continually expand – follow @everyoneagrees on Twitter to keep up.


A random transcription of Newsnight etc in the past 10 minutes

The television is filled with lowlights. What have we done? This is not a time for analysis, but a time for action.

A community that was already hurting has now had the heart ripped out of it.

What i’ve seen is pure gratuitous violence, it is criminal damage and it is burglary.

There was black smoke coming billowing down from the corner of the high road

You are the free spirits of this city

There has been a crisis of authority and that authority is restored

Cameron’s bronzed head with its domed cupola struts out from the Italian riviera of number 10

Panic on the streets of London, on the streets of Birmingham

London simmers as the flames spread -

I wonder to myself

Is it more complex than it’s being portrayed

Well Amazon metal bats are up 5000%.

This is not an accident as the economy dives into freefall

You have to look at the top of society as well

The gospel that greed is good percolates down

We wake up and in the markets we hear about greed and fear

What you’ve seen more than anything is violent consumerism

There’s no ideological context here but the people expressing

Their anger in terms of acquisitiveness.

Is it just innate?

Well everyone agrees greed supplants anything else.


everyone agrees

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